LinkedPOS Express

Congratulations!. No action required. Everything is set-up by the program for you. Simply start using LinkedPOS Express and enjoy the benefits. The database is maintained in a file on local computer at its default location i.e. Installation Directory->Data->LinkedPOS-en.sqlite3. If due to any reason the database file is required to be moved to any other location on local computer then read the SQLite section.

However, if you are interested in connecting to database of your choice, then please contact

LinkedPOS Professional

LinkedPOS Professional is developed based on the Microsoft technology stack therefore the backbone of this program is Microsoft SQL Server. However, LinkedPOS Professional can be connected to internal database also but in this case it will work as a standalone. Sales terminals will not be able to connect to the internal database.

LinkedPOS Professional is meant to work on multiple computers where the BackOffice is installed on one computer on the local network while the sales terminal can be installed on unlimited number of computers on the local network. For setting up database connection, read through the following sections:-

SQLite (Standalone Mode)
SQL Server (Multi-station Mode)