LinkedPOS Suite is born out of necessity and passion purposely to expand and improve small-scale businesses using modern technology. The Co-founder of LinkedPOS, Otman, met with several business owners and realized that they all wished to take their small-scale business to the next level using modern technology. Still, they couldn’t do so due to 2 primary reasons:-

  1.   Financial Implication : The monetary cost associated with this advanced development to boost their small-scale businesses was a significant roadblock to their decision.
  2.   Training and Time Involved : These small-scale business owners were afraid to invest their time and money in learning the necessary skills needed to better, not only their businesses but also their lives.

The solutions to these two significant roadblocks gave birth to the vision of the company "ABC. Dev. Force Ltd.", which is to provide lasting solutions for small scale and medium scale businesses in scaling up their business using modern technologies at a minimal cost with little to no skill or training.

After many years of research, trials, and methods in solving these problems, our talented team was able to provide lasting solutions in the form of "LinkedPOS Suite" to help small scale businesses in scaling up their businesses.

With three years of experience in high technology, LinkedPOS is your go-to product to improve small-scale business, and the fastest-growing company using modern technology in meeting business needs. Over the years, LinkedPOS has helped thousands of small business owners in achieving their longtime dreams.

At LinkedPOS, we are committed to striving and providing our customers with world-class modern techs, best quality, and satisfactory services at unbelievable prices. As our priority, we are equipped with highly trained and intelligent business experts to serve you beyond your expectations and provide you with award-winning services to scale up their businesses.

Our Mission

As part of our mission statement, we are committed to helping medium scale businesses, small scale businesses, and retailers to level up their businesses by significantly reducing their daily challenges.

Our Goal

Using our core vision statement, we have set our goal to design and implement innovative ideas in improving retailers and wholesales businesses to ensure all small-scale businesses grow in a short time.

Prime Quality

Our quality service delivery is non-negotiable. We are committed to our words in giving outstanding services and products to all our business subscribers and contribute to your continuous growth until you succeed.


We don’t joke about the success of our customer’s business. We understand how important your business is to you. So, we are genuinely committed to meeting your needs with the highest level of integrity.

Outstanding Teamwork

We cannot achieve anything without a collective and collaborative effort from all our team of professionals and highly skilled business experts. We are goal-getters. We don’t stop until we make your business better!