Welcome to LinkedPOS User Guide

We would like to thank you for using LinkedPOS. Your support encourages us to build better features and continuously bring value to our products. This documentation covers all the information needed to install and use LinkedPOS.

Paperless Demand & Supply

LinkedPOS (Linked Point Of Sales) is a name based on its powerful feature of connecting each installation of LinkedPOS all over world for paperless demand and supply. Put no more effort in taking care of time zone differences, verbal communication problems because of language differences, waiting for busy phones of suppliers or customers, incorrect deliveries because of communication problems and no need to keep track of everything on papers and keeping those papers at safe places for long term records.

Ordinary Personal Computer, A Powerful Business Assistant

LinkedPOS is designed and developed to convert a normal Personal Computer into a powerful business assistant that takes away hassle of inventory management & accounting. No more dependency on expensive hardware to run a Point of Sales system. Plug & Play peripherals like Barcode Scanners, Thermal Printers, Standard Flatbed Scanners, Standard Webcams, Thermal Printers, Standard Printers etc.

LinkedPOS Speaks Your Language, Your Terminology

LinkedPOS is designed in such a way that it can be translated to any native language easily. At the same time it provides Out Of The Box facility to change most of the display text to text of your choice and your needs. No more limitations to live and comporomise features. If something still does not fullfil your requirements, then do not hesitate to communicate your requirements to us. We request you to spare few moments and shoot an email to support@LinkedPOS.com. We'll not only be grateful to you for your valuable feedback but we'll also consider to award a return favor as token of thanks in different forms.

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