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LinkedPOS (Linked Point of Sales) is a name we created and based on our software’s most powerful feature; connecting users all over the world for instant point of sales and paperless demand-and-supply.

We know the effort it takes to run a successful business, especially in today’s global markets. Businesses using LinkedPOS can connect with each other, with no need to worry about time zone differences, language barriers, or waiting for busy suppliers and customers to answer their phones. With just one click, a world of ease and opportunity for your business can be yours.

At LInkedPOS we have gone all out to give your business immediate access to free point of sales systems and inventory management software. Check out the features and functions below that will smooth out the day-to-day running of your business.

We think that the wealth of options we have put at your fingertips will supply you with the tools you need to run your business effectively and efficiently.

Worldwide Network of LinkedPOS Installations

Access without boundaries

LinkedPOS is simple to download and install, giving you free direct access to its main features in minutes.

Functionality is key; any software system you introduce has to be user friendly. That’s why we have created a generous amount of easy to use layouts for you to choose from to run your business. This enables you to instantly operate our software due to its easy to use, ergonomic design and magnitude of flexible features.

Benefit your business by being able to communicate around the world, broaden your horizons, and reach out with our multiple language options.

Introducing LinkedPOS into your business will instantly take a world of problems off your shoulders, giving you easy and affordable point of sales and inventory management system solutions.

Different Views of Sales Terminal

Choose your design

Running a business? You need fast and accurate operation systems which work with you, not against you. Your point of sales system is key in helping you to create the right process for the management of your staff and stock. LinkedPOS provides numerous sales terminal layouts so you can find the right one for your business.

All of our layouts provide private settings and features for each of your sales terminals. Whether you are a small high street shop or a large department store, you will find a layout that fits your business’ purpose. Simply look through the layout options and start using them instantly. However, if any of our existing layouts don’t hit the mark, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do all we can to meet your inventory management systems and point of sale software needs.

Various Themes of Available Out of the Box

Set the tone

We have gone that one step further, not only integrating smart solutions that help you to facilitate efficient business management, but making it unique to you. Our software offers the user a personalised experience by allowing you to set the colour, themes, and more for the skin of your LInkedPOS user interface.

Allowing your systems to disguise themselves, as well as adapt to whoever is using them, is one of the unique and powerful features. What if an employee is colour blind, has an eye condition, or is weak sighted? With our software, you can select the user interfaces and choose the skin, colours, font size, and text which meet the individual needs of your business and employees.

Choose a point of sales systems and inventory management software that is soothing on the eye, suits your business, and satisfies your personal tastes.

Common Features

Among all the exciting features LinkedPOS offers, it also supports many types of common operations, making the day-to-day running of your business smoother.

Helping you to manage:
  • Security Controlled Access
  • Double Entry Accounting
  • VAT and Taxes (Invoice and Items)
  • Discounts (Invoice and Items)
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Customer accounts
  • Loyalty programs
  • Daily expenses
  • Online and offline purchases
  • Purchase returns
  • Online and Offline Sales
  • Sales returns
  • Issue time-based quotations
  • Combo deals
  • Multiple Reports
  • Owners investments and drawings

You do not just have more than 30 straight out of the box options for reports on your business. It enables you to hone the fields and displayed text in the layouts and reports your need, ensuring all your unique business practices are covered.

Choose our Professional or Enterprise packages and, for a yearly subscription, you can get more from your average point of sales and inventory management software using LinkedPOS.

Check out and compare all three of our packages and the features that come with them, or simply click on our free package to download and start using LinkedPOS now!
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Screenshots of Different Modules of LinkedPOS

Reports at your fingertips

Did we mention reports? Not the most exciting part of a business by any means, but everyday reports are needed, helping us to maintain and grow our businesses. With our inventory management system and point of sales software, your days of trawling through files and databases are over!

Need to find that one transaction or invoice? Then look no further than LinkedPOS; keep all your inventory, purchase, and sales information in one place and just one click away. Choose from numerous reports with adaptable layouts, such as:

  • Items List
  • Items Stock List
  • Items Under Stock List
  • Products List (Combo Deals)
  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase returns
  • Sales orders
  • Sales returns
  • Many more...
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash flow
  • Sales tax on purchases
  • Sales tax on sales
  • Expenses
  • Discounts
  • Customer/supplier statements
  • Properties/plant and equipment
When it comes to LinkedPOS and reports, the choices are endless. Plus, if we haven’t created a report that best fits your business, then contact us and we will!
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Different Views of Reports Available in LinkedPOS