Is LinkedPOS Express really free?
Yes! it is. You don't need to pay ever for using the Express version. We want to help small businesses to grow and then move to the Professional version. We want you to earn before you pay us.
Are there any hidden costs associated with Express version?
Whatever is shipped in the setup program of LinkedPOS Express is free of costs. No hidden charges!
Is there any cost for software updates?
Free updates for Express (Free Version) and Professional (One time payment on initial purchase). Lifetime updates are provided at no cost.
Do I need to pay for sending and receiving orders online?
No, you're not required to pay for using this facility. We want to provide your full power of the system and speed up your growth.
What is your source of earning?
Professional and Enterprise versions are paid versions. We're a technology partner of some of the well-established businesses that have customized requirements and seek continuous support from us. We're earning more than enough to run our organization.
Is the internet required to run the LinkedPOS?
No, the internet is not required for running day to day operations. It is Microsoft Windows based desktop application installed on your machine and connect to your local database for storage of your data.
I need modifications to meet my requirements?
We're open to hearing your requirements. Free of cost changes will be done if your requirement is common and beneficial for other users as well.
Can I refer users and a referral bonus?
Yes, of course! There is no educational or minimum requirement to become part of our referring members group and no limit on earnings. Please note, the payment is done through PayPal or partners in your country/region. Always do check with us before considering yourself as a referrer.