Today is the 21st century, the age of science and technology, where everyone strives to summit their mountains of goals and accomplish something of their own. Having said that, modern age provides opportunities to the individuals solely based on their skills and determination, and whosoever, aims at the top, get to the top. There are various fashions of fields in this world, business is considered to be one of the leading. It should not come to you as a shock that over 627,000 people step into the business each year, and, at the same time, 595,000 businesses close each year, according to a report by SBA estimates. A business may prove to be a fortune for some and bankruptcy for others.

Starting a business is quite some achievement, however, maintaining that business in such fierce competition is the real challenge in the modern-day world.

Whether a small or vast business, every entrepreneur faces hurdles and impediments at various stages of development, these challenges might be rewarding, but they are most certainly mind-boggling. No matter how much an experienced player one is in the business game, he is often tested by the time of great difficulties. The problems may vary from the scale or size of the individual business, while the main point remains the same: There are hurdles.

You are looking for a retailer or wholesale dealership business? This blog will help you, categorically, analyze problems of various scales and nature which you may come across in-retailer and wholesaler dealership. These challenges may appear to be unique, cumbersome and arduous to overcome, however, organizing these problems beforehand can help you a great deal. Some of the problems that have been identified to occur frequently are listed below, with accurate and precise information from preeminent resources. Stick with us:


You must have had come across this maxim that Time Is Money. This notion appears to be just an attractive statement until you had experienced it in practical life.

One of the vital problems that a retailer and wholesaler job employees face is your time management. You may have to get lucky to pave your path to a certain level without proper time management; however, at some point in your business of retail and wholesale dealership, a plateau will reach. At plateau, your business halts to progress and prosper most efficiently, and an imbalance of time may be one of the responsible key factors.

Proper and effective time management is vital for the survival of your business to function smoothly and without any errors. In the retailer shop business, the owner is given deadlines daily by the customers; however, the retailer businessmen being unaware of the importance of this point takes a negative flight of his business. The inability to design an adjusting, sustainable and effective schedule leads to the downfall of an established business in a matter of days God forbid, if you fail to manage your time then the creativity of mind is easily replaced by stress, ultimately leading to poor performance among your competitors. Improper timing skills make the workload as a burden, which we all know that more work means more stress, and as explained above, more stress means Bad for business.

Keep looking at your clock on the wall!!!


Quite often, small scale retailers face the challenge of running their business effectively towards prosperity along with managing the finance department, as well. Keeping a proper track of bills, receipts, invoices and leading to taxes and year-end reporting to the tax organization of any country is a must in every business.

One of the leading problems that retailers face is an efficient hold on the pockets, because on the contrary situation the condition of the retailer business may take the pear shape. Usually what we see is the lack of concepts like a capital drain and cash reservoir to be the responsible factors for the bad performance of a retailer business. In business, you may get stuck with an uninvited incident that might leave you hinder for a while, unless you have a fallback plan to recover from the stroke because Prevention is better than cure.

Imagine a situation where income is being generated, but the retailer is not able to manage that prosperity, the result will be self-explanatory for us. Everyone targets a positive cash flow in their business and once that achieved the owner has to stick to a particular budget to function smoothly.

Your bills, taxes, and wages to the employees are all dependent on the money management plan by the retailer. You might be skilled, you may have money in your account, but if you do not know how to manage your pocket, unfortunately, the big fish will gulp your business like a spicy cheeseburger by a starving. It sounds daunting and in reality, it is even harsher.

Eyes on Pockets!!!


Managing a retail business is no joke, and it is challenging and rewarding simultaneously. Management of a retailer business depends on the size of the business, the number of teams and the sister branches, if any, of the owner.

It is of no surprise that in our society and economic sphere ample immature entrepreneurs are having no skills and experience of any sort, required for the pace of running any business. Incompetent management will surely give retailers a tough time in their dealings because it is through the management of retailer that business is being conducted.

Some retailers, before joining the business, fail to give proper thought to the most vital factors in his business: Production, Demand, Techniques, financial availabilities, plant location, and prospects. If the retailer neglects these questions, he will not be able to hire competent management to cover each aspect and corner of his business.

Incompetent management in-retailer could be viewed in various faces, some of them are listed below:

  • Lack of communication between the different sections of management.
  • Varying goals of the business and not sticking to one aim.
  • Lack of time that leads to a burden of workload.
  • Not able to control your crew, that is an illness in the leadership qualities of the retailer.
  • Not enough determination insinuation to your employers.

There are four obvious challenges in a retailer business, which comes under the umbrella of management:

  1. Scalability : When the scale of business expands and prosper, it means the scale is growing. The scale growth brings along the growth in more complex teams and communication flow between the staff and manager. Retailer business, usually, lack this communication in times of growth and suffer loss.
  2. Tracking : You may have a large team of competent employees, but if they go unchecked by the managerial posts, it will ultimately fetch you a loss in income and overall prosperity in your business. The lack of training has been reported to be a highlighting factor in inefficient compliance of every retail business. It includes reviews, approvals, production, designs, and logistics, etc.
  3. Automation : In order to ascertain the accountability of your employees or staff, tracking is the key to it. Insufficiency of accountability perhaps leads to an unorganized team, inability to solve problems and improper check on daily expenses in a retail business.
  4. Reporting : Majority of retailer, businessmen are ambiguous to the importance of reporting, which holds the meaning to view the actual and ultimate results of your efforts and see if in actual you are hitting targets or just shooting arrows in the dark. Having goals and achieving those goals has a matchless feeling.

These management problems are the ones which if not met in time will, perhaps, lead to the obstruction of your hard-earned business in a matter for a few days or months.

A leader and manager!!!


I went to a retailer and we engaged in discussing the management finance daily, and I asked him: “What is bookkeeping? He replied, Adding, subtracting and estimating the profit.

Auditing is one of the major issues is the retailer business for many reasons. Retailer business is all about competing on daily basis, the war of competence may step into price wars, and for that, the retailer needs to have a tight hold and grip of his inventory and other essential data of his business.

According to an organization, Metric stream Incorporation, retailer business is faced with, poor auditing systems and plans. What could a retail businessman do to cope with this issue?

The difference between an experienced and a newbie is Logistics. Some retailers are only concerned with earning to an ill extent that they forget to apply bookkeeping to their daily expenditure because in the retailer business one has to fend for oneself. Just the lack of determination or being a procrastinator to bookkeeping could bring more harm to a retail business as a lack of financial support. But you might want to know how to do bookkeeping, Right? Keep with us in the coming blog to find out.

Financial transaction includes:

  • The number of goods and products being sold in a week
  • Deposits
  • Purchase of products for the shop
  • Bill payments
  • Transfers
  • Loan repayments, if any

Small scale retailers put their business in a compromising situation because they do not pen down the daily expenses daily, which, of course, leads to sum of money having no accountability for.



What is the ultimate goal of a retailer? To succeed incompetence! To brandish his sword of success on the mountain of your business, the retailer had to let go of many opportunities for a second job, for it will end in jeopardizing either his business or his secondary job.

It is a common occurrence that the majority of the retailers are only confined to one job and could not engage their selves in other jobs, because the retailer business expects all your time. A retailer is unable to, simultaneously, have two or multiple sources of income.

You may ask the question that what if I want to work on my second career along with my business on weekends. Will it work or not? The answer is simple, your business will survive without any advancements and, who knows, it may be overcome by your competitors, somewhere in the future, because of slow pace and almost no advancement in its speed.

The chunk of discussion is that with retail business one has to focus on his business and business alone, nothing else in sideways.

Eyes on the Prize!!!


If you are already a retailer, you might be acquainted with this hurdle, quite commonly occurring, that the customer expectations vary more often than it is expected in everyday business life. Many of the retailers fail to keep up with this behavior, for they oversee the importance of adding seasonal trends to their business and being innovative in dealing with customers.

Nothing in this dynamic and varying world of business is stable, every moment economy changes, fashion varies and income fluctuates. A few years back, customers had limited preferences, few expectations, and choices for their shopping; however, with time, the same advancements could be viewed in today’s customers. Their demands are increasing and their needs are surging continually.

595,000 businesses shut down each year. Ever wonder why? Because they are outcompeted by their, respective, competitors in the game of business. Similarly, retail business owners have to keep a constant pace to refrain from being hijacked by the big fish in the pond. Retail business owners, usually, do not or fail to anticipate the needs of their loyal customers which leads to loss in interest by the customers and ultimately loss in business.

Business is all about meeting their pledges of quality, quantity and meeting the requirements of customers, and if all these factors are not aligned, customers will fade and you’re left hang to dry.

Be Innovative!!!


There are abundant of retailers who complain of not having enough customers when the shop is opened. There might be several reasons and one of the highlighting and surfacing causes for this dismay is Customer Loyalty.

The pivot and a key factor in any retailer business is gaining the loyalty and trust of your customer which, unluckily, many of the retailers fail to gain and end up in the loss of business on daily basis. You do not want to give your customers the impression that you are replaceable for them which is one of the negative attributes leading to mistrust and loss of loyalty, but the question is how to implement a positive brand image? We know the answers and you just bear with us.

Retailer business has one of the highest turnover; however, the retention of clients and customers is a challenging task, for the employ replacement is costly. Retailers face a hurdle in gaining the loyalty of customers because they are, somewhat, blindsided to the science behind Personalization.

According to research conducted by PWC, 73% of buyers and clients express that positive brand experience is the key to purchase decisions. A positive experience could be put forward by the retailer in several manners. Want to know the fashions in which you can put forward a positive self-image? Our next blog will just have this.

Claim your Customers!!!


If I ask you a question: How many o retailers do have internet and electronic media for their business purposes? The answer I may guess: A handful of retailers, right.

In this day of internet available at the tip of fingers, neglecting the internet is like refraining your prosperity and waiting for a positive outcome via miracle or an omen from God. Retailers also view the proliferation of the internet as a threat to their business; however, it is contrary to their expectations. The Internet is a vast platform that provides you with immense opportunities to touch the heights of success without moving.

You may be taken by surprise with recent research conducted by Deloitte, which states that around 56% of in-store-retailer using digital web or web influence has 5 times the business as compared to the more traditional retailers having no access to the internet.

No matter how much traditional a retailer businessman maybe, to compete and outperform the competitors, you have to think out of the box and accept the modern values of this world. The journey from a more traditional business to online, the customers want not only a smooth experience but also to be available at their reach a good quality product, without any second thoughts. In brick-and-mortar locations, loyal customers are treated differently with much affection that just a passerby, similarly, the customers who shop more frequently yearn to be treated with respect and seamless. 96% of Americans use online shopping, while 65% use a brick-and-mortar location for shopping.

It is a goody two shoe opportunity to grab the internet by hand and use it for your prospects.

Accept modern Values!!!


The scrutiny of demography has two basic angles: your customers and then your employees. The first action a retailer fails to do is determining who his customer is, and the importance of his location to his customers. For some businesses, the importance of location is not negligible, while for others it may not matter that much. The lack of knowledge regarding demography and its attributes could be, most probably, a leading cause of problems in-retailer business. While the question remains: How?

Retailer employers sometimes fail to meet and contemplate the needs and requirements of their labor force, which ultimately means: Inefficiency in working hours and a loss to business. The vitality of location is needed to be emphasized as much as possible because the inefficacy of a retailer to produce proper planning of ingress and egress will sufficiently do more harm than anything else. Similarly, in the present scenario the majority of retailer businessmen seldom care for the location of their shop, ultimately a downfall and dismay for the business.

According to a research, brick-and-mortar locations off the road can save up to 30% in their monthly income; however, they have to give back that 30% because of less sake as compared to on-road retailer shop. 100 feet from the road does make a crucial impact on the business of any retailer.


The readers should not be dismayed over reading the mentioned impediments of retailer business, for business of any sort has its perks and downsides, it is solely depending on the mindset of an individual to tackle these hurdles in an efficient and worth the risk manner. The current blogs aim at objectifying and scrutinize the leading and major issues that one might expect in a retailer business; however, the readers should not lose hope in the business, as we are providing you an effortless experience by allowing you to have a look on two types of solutions:

  • Non-Digital solutions
  • Digital solutions

In this day of advancements and modernism, every problem bears its solution, it is a matter of time and knowledge to identify any problem. Having said that, the following blog manages to help finger point at some of the leading problems in-retailer business all over the world, which could be solved in several ways. The manner and fashion at which these problems could be withdrawn depends on your choice.

To cover the solutions for these problems, we will align you with the most trusted sources, which will satisfy your questions and quench the problems with the water of our knowledge. We are at your service, just one click away.


The purpose of this blog is to promote awareness among the general mass about business and the realities it brings along with itself. The problems and impediments of retail business has been the topic of discussion, to give you a cogent idea of what to expect at any instant in business. The list of problems extends from financial and economic problems to accepting modern-day technology for the prosperity of the retailer business.

Daily competence in-retailer business has brought the level of business to a high standard position, and to, survive the fierce and grave competence in-retailer business, one has to look and scrutinize every possible scenario and prepare for the worst and work for the best. No one can thwart your progress and success if one is ambitious enough to imagine himself as a winner at the end of his journey. It is the game of panning and gradual, baby steps. You may have big dreams and inexhaustible ambitions for your business, but the key to be a long term player in the game is to take your retail business step by step and not just by hopping and skipping stairs. Therefore, it is the cry of time, that beforehand planning and management of an organized team is essential for a substantial base of retail business, nevertheless, the scrutiny of other factors will perhaps bring sweet fruits in the future.