Why Should I Use a POS System?

A powerful business management tool such as point-of-sale (POS) can help your business thrive — whether it is F&B, retail, or services.

From providing real-time data to saving time and money, POS systems have a boatload of benefits, which is exactly why they are a clear evolution over manual ways of record-keeping.

But how exactly can a POS system help small business owners?

Here are 5 ways how integrating a POS system can help your business thrive:

Save Time and Money

POS systems are a lot faster than manual cash registers, as they do everything quicker — from reading product barcodes to carrying out credit card transactions.

Furthermore, since they’re easy to use, you don’t have to waste dozens of hours on staff training. Using a good POS system allows you to train your staff as quickly as a couple of minutes.

That’s amazing, right? But wait, that’s not all.

On top of saving time, you also save money because a POS system allows you to:

  1. Track your finances better with the help of its real-time reporting features.
  2. Prevent loss and waste with the help of its inventory management system.

So integrating a POS system into your business can save you both time and money — two of the most important things in any small business owner’s life.

Get Real-Time Data and Reports

If you want to succeed, then you need accurate data to prepare effective strategies.

Accurate and reliable data can be the difference between a business that rages with success and one that fails miserably.

That’s why LinkedPOS gives you real-time data and reports, thus allowing you to make smart business decisions with full confidence in record time.

The result? You get to enjoy more sales and soaring profits — without investing a fortune.

Improve Inventory Management

Currently, how do you keep track of your inventory? Do you use pen and paper or do you manually check your stock daily and enter it in an Excel sheet?

Neither of those is the right way to manage your inventory, as each involves a lot of work and a whole lot of room for human errors.

With a POS system like LinkedPOS, you get an inventory management system that will help you keep track of all your inventory.

It doesn’t matter whether you have one stock keeping unit (SKU) or a thousand, you can easily manage your products from at any time.

Run Your Business from Anywhere

Do you travel a lot? If so, then you need an internet-based POS system that stores your data on the web, which allows you to access it anytime, anywhere.

This feature is great for busy business owners, as they don’t have the time to visit their shop or call their employees to find out how much stock they have left.

All they need to access this data is an internet connection. So with a system like LinkedPOS, you can check your data whenever you want and from wherever you want.

Increase Customer Loyalty

According to this study by RJ Metrics, loyal customers tend to spend 3x more than your average customer, which is why you need to give them a higher priority.

But how do you separate a loyal customer from a fickle buyer? You can do that with the help of the CRM feature by evaluating your most loyal and valuable customers.

Once you know who your loyal customers are, you can prioritize them by using clever tactics, such as:

  1. Offering them special discounts and promotions.
  2. Notifying them first about deals through email or SMS.
  3. Starting a special loyalty or referral program to give them a reason to return.

Are you convinced that your business can benefit immensely from using a POS system? If so, then download LinkedPOS today to make your life easier — for free!